Computer Automated Ventilating Drying Machine


  1. This machine coated by good lacquer which is nice looking and durable.
  2. This machine employ OLYMPIA or PILOT Automation Burner which perform on/off fire immediately, with high burning rate and without smoke and bad smell gas. It can be match with automation controller to change temperature automatically according to the ambient temperature.
  3. Easy operating the whole machine in one switch.
  4. One set of adding is equipped with this machine. With the feature of fully burned with less fuel, without smoke and bad smell gas, this machine is the best choice for drying garlic.
  5. Using two-section timing switch, this machine will put out fire automatically as setting time. Fifty minutes after put out fire, machine will stop operation automatically to ensure the machine and dried products cool down.
  6. The burner adds a huge cup for filtering fuel which can double filter fuel and avoid blocking up.


Model Fuel Burning Mode Voltage Motor Power
JF-180 coal oil
diesel oil
gas burned
direct fire
1 HP
JF-230 coal oil
diesel oil
burner 220V
1 HP
JF-520 coal oil
diesel oil
super burner 220V
2.5 HP
Drying Rate
(% hr)
Safety Installation Dimension (mm)
480 mm 0.6~1.6 Magneto electric valve wind pressure switch 3560 x 2425 x 865
510 mm 0.8~1.6 Electric eye wind pressure switch 3660 x 2425 x 865
900 mm   Electric eye thermal touch switch 4620 x 1274 x 1910
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