Yow-Feng Agricultural Machinery Factory Co. Ltd. was established in 1969, founded by CEO, Mr. Li Hsiang at Feng Yuan  City, Taichung Hsien, right next to Yow-Feng train station. It was originally named 「Cheng-Feng Machinery」to produce and marketing rice grinder and dryer. Cheng-Feng Machinery operated in honesty and good reputation in local market and was re-named as 「Yow-Feng Agriculture Machinery Co. Ltd」in 1975 and expand it's products to international market.

Yow-Feng Agriculture Machinery worked with「Taiwan Agriculture Machinery Research and Development Center」(TTAMRDC), domestic universities and local agriculture research and extension station to develop Cheng-Feng peanut, millet dryer and branch grinder. Yow-Feng products had received many local and internation patents with high quality and innovation. Yow-Feng products are certified by Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute and local farmer can purchase with compensatory loan and allowance from Council of Agriculture, Taiwan.

Yow-Feng produces precision machine utilizing Japanese and German lathes. Yow-Feng powder coating machine, compliance with USA environment protection standard, which is most advance coating way in Taiwan. Yow-Feng also uses delicate parts and controls precisely in computerize management to deliver stable quality and offer perfect service resource and confidence to customers.Yow-Feng dryers can control temperature automatically, which can dehydrate corn, garlic, peanut and longan. Another is container exchange dryer, which can use in food, meat, cookies, seafood, fruit, ginseng and Chinese medicine.

The latest rice grinder is a recycled blow-up grinder. Its small volume and high efficiency can deliver best quality rice and locate in small, medium mill. There are 800 KG and 1200KG models, which are most popular exporting machine.
After entering WTOP, the low priced imported rice give local rice farmer a big hit. So local farmers turn to plant organic rice and high quality rice, which become a hit in consumer market. Although it's price is high, people take better rice. Yow-Feng rice grinder turn paddy to high quality rice and packed in supermarket without broken rice, sand, stone. The trimming branch of park, school or landscape after typhoon are always difficult to clean up. But it can be recycled to fertilization easily after grinding, which can reduce garbage amount and become fertilizer to the Mother Earth.

Yow-Feng Agricultural Machinery Factory built up reputation in pass 30 years with high quality products and service. Yow-Feng not only sell machine in local Markey, they also sell to Indonesia, Saudi Arab, Brazil, Haiti, Malawi, Paraguay and other Latin America countries. Taiwan government also purchase Yow-Feng Agriculture Machiney to support other country. Current, Yow-Feng Agriculture's main products are Rice Grinder, Dryer and Branch Grinde.