Furnace type Ventilating drying Machine


  1. Twice burning facility can save 15% fuel with less fuel and electricity , consumption This machine coated by high class lacquer is very resistible for long-lasting usage.
  2. The burner can be removed by hand without using in-strument. Clean the burner regularly to ensure diesel fuel to be burned.
  3. The distance between burner and blower is one and half meter, whicn protect the blower from over-heating.
  4. In raining days, the quantity for drying agricul-tural products should not exceed 1000 kilogram.〈In sunny days enable. 1600 kilogram capacity〉
  5. Drying temperature should not exceed the tempera-ture of the sun〈45 degree〉then can produce the hign quaility rice as dried by natural way.


Model Fuel Burning Mode Voltage Motor Power
JF-180 coal oil
diesel oil
gas burned
direct fire
1 HP
JF-230 coal oil
diesel oil
burner 220V
1 HP
JF-520 coal oil
diesel oil
super burner 220V
2.5 HP
Drying Rate
(% hr)
Safety Installation Dimension (mm)
480 mm 0.6~1.6 Magneto electric valve wind pressure switch 3560 x 2425 x 865
510 mm 0.8~1.6 Electric eye wind pressure switch 3660 x 2425 x 865
900 mm   Electric eye thermal touch switch 4620 x 1274 x 1910
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