Hi-speed branch Grinder

Chung-Fung Hi-speed branch grinder can grind branch, leave in few minutes. The volume can be reduce over 70% after smashing to low transportation cost and increase efficiency. It also does need to be burned or buried making environment and air pollution. The grinded branch and leaves can be fermented of organic fertilizer or spread in playground of school to replace sand or grass.
The trimming branch of park, school or landscape after typhoon are always difficult to clean up. But it can be recycled to fertilization easily after grinding, which can reduce garbage amount and become fertilizer to the Mother Earth.

Model Engine Grinder power
TC-36 / 38 15 HP diesel engine air-cooling 4" (10.1 cm)
TC-56 / 58 18 HP diesel engine air-cooling 5" (12.7 cm)
TC-76 / 78 23 HP diesel engine air-cooling 6" (15.2 cm)

  1. Grind blade:4 branch grinder blades、36 branch grinder knife
  2. Start-up:electrical
  3. Machine size:TC-36‧56‧76 (226 x 122 x 132 cm)TC-38‧58‧78 (335 x 122 x 230 cm)

TC-38‧58‧78 leak tunnel can be adjusted 360 degree